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Time to plant tomatoes and cucumbers

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WALTERVILLE, Ore.— Many families will head to the greenhouse on Mother's Day weekend to find some color and some veggies for mom's backyard. 

A small town garden club is hoping to raise some big money while helping people with their last-minute Mother's Day gifts. 

“We're just a great bunch of gals who love the dirt. Getting in on the digging,” said Kay Connelly, a member of Walterville's Late Bloomers Garden Club. 

She said the fundraiser is, "to help around the community, we do a couple churches, the Vida community center, we plant plants and clean up the area. But we also use it for the scholarships."

The club will have flowers and veggies priced to sell on Saturday, when Connelly, Kay Kleven and the rest of the Late Bloomers host a plant sale fundraiser.

“These are probably my favorite, just plain old red geraniums,” said Kleven.

Kleven is working on dozens of young tomato plants for the sale, which she says are off to an early start this year.

“My dad used to tell me, don't put tomatoes in the ground before Memorial Day,” Kleven said. “But when the sun comes out, we get anxious.”

The plant sale and raffle runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday at Walterville elementary school.

May is a good month to be watching over your own seed starts. I've had good luck with a few, including cucumbers and a tomato or two.

It's still a bit too early to think about planting your tomatoes or cucumbers outside, as the soil temp is still only in the 50s.

Last week's heat was good for one thing. It accelerated germination for many seeds that were already in the ground. Since then, green beans and potatoes are off to a fast start.


I'm trying to grow some large bulbs on my onion patch, so I'm snipping off the leaves to about four or five inches so the onion will focus more energy on growing its bulb. Small bud-like forms at the top of the leaves are called scapes. Not only should you cut them off, but they're also edible. Some food for thought before Mother's Day.