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Home & Garden show offers inspirational seminars

Home & Garden show offers inspirational seminars

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EUGENE, Ore. — People hoping to tackle a few projects around the yard will look for inspiration at the Lane County Home and Garden Show.
And whether you have a big mess in your yard or are hoping to add a little green to your small space, a few presentations will offer advice. 

More spring flowers appear eager to usher in spring.

Other flowers and budding shrubs are ready to stick in the ground.

“That's going to be your berry, this little flower you're seeing on these plants,” said Caleb Johnson with Johnson Bros. Greenhouse while examining a peach sorbet blueberry plant.

Johnson Brothers Greenhouse in Coburg will be one of the big exhibitors at this weekend's home and garden show.

“I'm going to be talking about the James Bonds of house plants: Ones that are really hard to kill,” Gina Gartley said. Gartley is a plant coach at Johnson Bros.

Even if you live in an apartment, that doesn't mean you can't grow something good to eat. One of the classes offered this weekend by Johnson Brothers will cover growing your own fresh fruit in a small space.

“A lot of the growers and plant breeders have recognized that people have less space and so they've started designing plants that have more compact habits, that can grow in small spaces,” Johnson said.

“Silver maple and red maples, they took a beating,” Alby Thoumsin said. Thoumsin is an arborist for Sperry Tree Care.

Alby Thoumsin will be conducting what promises to be one of the more sought after presentations, tree pruning and recovering from storm damage.

“We're going to have somebody constantly coming out and telling us about their damage and ‘what can we do?’ This time around, it's going to be a pretty amazing show,” Thoumsin said.

Thoumsin says after February's ice storm in the Willamette Valley, it's common for people to have a knee jerk reaction when looking at snapped limbs and broken branches.

“That's overwhelming for a lot of people looking at all of this if you have just a wheelbarrow and a pickup truck,” Thoumsin said.

Thoumsin says a tree's natural reaction is to try and heal itself, but some of the damage is too extensive for the tree or even for an arborist to try and fix.

“Some trees have been split in half and you don't have too much choice, or uprooted and you don't have any choice at all,” Thoumsin said.

And from your lumbering trees to a small shrub, you can find more advice at the Lane County Fairgrounds.

The home and garden show opens Thursday at 5 p.m. Thoumsin’s presentation on tree pruning begins at noon on Saturday. Johnson Brothers Greenhouse will offer its Houseplants 101 class at 5 p.m. Saturday and its Easy Container Gardening course at 2 p.m. Sunday.