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Gardeners, start your imaginations: 'Think about what you're going to do with your garden'

Gardeners, start your imaginations: 'Think about what you're going to do with your garden'

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EUGENE, Ore. — Gardeners are biding their time until spring.

But this week, in the garden, we'll tell you about an important deadline you don't want to miss.

During our dry, chilly January, frost is still a factor. The majority of garden beds remain covered, which Adam Cole said is a good thing.

“But in general, you want to avoid working the soil when it's wet. You can really compact, do damage to your soil. It's better to stay off it,” Adam Cole said. Cole works at Down to Earth garden store in Eugene.

Cole said if you want to add something, azomite and bone meal can go a long way to boosting your plot before spring. 

“Think about what you're going to do with your garden, map it out. Look at seed catalogues. It's not quite time to put seeds out,” Cole said.

One of the more important dates for returning community gardeners is to get their paperwork in on time, which would hold their spot for this coming season. The paperwork to renew went out more than a month ago, but the deadlines is coming up fast.

“It's the last business day of January, so that just happens to fall on Friday the 31st this year,” Chris Girard said. Girard helps supervise the community garden program for the Eugene’s Parks and Open Spaces department.

Several gardeners have reserved their spot for this season. But Girard said he expects this year, new gardeners will have a chance during next month's lottery.

“We're expecting about a two-thirds renewal rate. There should be some open spaces. Mainly in some of the larger gardens,” Girard said.

A few steps now that can help you prepare to plant by spring.

Cole said if you own a peach tree, now is a good time to spray it with copper sulfate. That'll prevent leaf curl, a fungus that can affect fruit production.