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A vine time was had by all: 'They just grow and grow'

A vine time was had by all: 'They just grow and grow'

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EUGENE, Ore. — If your yard or garden is looking a bit bare, some vines will quickly add some color. But if you're not careful, they can quickly run wild. That’s why building your own trellis can keep your plants under control.
When selecting a vine plant for your yard or your garden, the sky's the limit.

“We have hops, if someone's getting into the home brewing side of things, we have grapes, kiwi, edibles as well as ornamentals,” Jeff Choate with Jerry’s Home Improvement said. 

You want your vines to grow up and not out. That's why a pre-made or a custom trellis is a good way to go. 

“They're going to find whatever they can crawl up, whether it's a fence or other shrubbery. And if they're growing on other plants, then those other plants aren't going to get the sunlight they need to grow. So you really need to provide something for them to grow up,” Choate said. 

Garden trellises come in all shapes and sizes. In Cindy Skinner's case, a few raised beds with a wood frame trellis gave her family plenty of green beans last season.

“We canned 50-some quarts of soup and all of the making came out of our garden,” Skinner said.

The Skinners were able to plant earlier since the soil temp in their beds is a few degrees warmer than at ground level.

“We decided to make them quite high so we didn't have to bend over as much. It also keeps critters out, other than the neighborhood cats,” Skinner said.

This year, I want to give my green beans more room to climb. Instead of a wood frame, I'm using PVC pipe, which is lightweight and inexpensive. And much like Skinner's raised bed, I using string for the beans to wrap around and climb.

“As soon as you string them, they just grow and grow,” Skinner said. 

One downside to using PVC pipe is that it can be a bit flimsy, so there will be some trial and error. But it'll save space by not letting the beans sprawl out.

“If you wanted to, you could even plant some things in between as long as they got sunlight,” Skinner said.

You can find joints and fittings for the pipe at Jerry's. They also have project managers to help you build your own using a number of materials.

You can also plant honeysuckle or trumpet vines to attract hummingbirds to your yard, as well as scarlet runner beans.