'If you only knew what it was like to be pregnant ...'

'If you only knew what it was like to be pregnant ...' »Play Video
Ty Steele wears a pregnancy vest to simulate part of the experience of his wife Stephanie (not pictured) and colleague Lindsey Riley (at right), who both expect their first child soon.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Pregnant women love using their condition as an excuse.

Reality is, it's a lot of hard work carrying around all of that extra weight as you're still expected to look fabulous, not complain, go to work and make dinner for the family.

I'm sure every man has heard their wife say "if you only knew what it was like to be pregnant."

We gave our own Ty Steele a chance to experience what's its like to have a baby bump. We though it was only fitting since he's going to be a dad himself in 4 short weeks.

"It's been great. She's been an amazing pregnant woman," says Ty about his wife Stephanie. "She's just now starting to feel uncomfortable, having to pee every half hour, having trouble sleeping."

We thought it was only appropriate to give Ty the ultimate experience that not many men get to have. We put him to the test with a pregnancy vest.

We asked him what he thought before we suited him up. "I think if I was pregnant, I would handle it way worse than my wife. I think it's going to feel terrible."

Ty had the vest on for about 40 minutes and the irritable mood had already set in. "Most pregnant women walking around just make it look so effortless, my wife included. She just waddles around but she doesn't complain especially in public. I think I'd be complaining in public if I had to carry that thing around all day."

I think all pregnant women out there would say: mission accomplished.

"I've got to hand it to you ladies: It's pretty impressive, walking around like that all day," Steele says.