Bump Watch: The world of organic products for your new bundle of joy

Bump Watch: The world of organic products for your new bundle of joy »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- There are many choices you make as a parent in an effort to keep your child healthy, happy and safe. It can be overwhelming to decide on what you think the best options are for your baby and what works best for your family.
A store in downtown Eugene sells just about anything and everything that's natural and chemical free. The world of organics has come a long way.

Shannon Arm, owner of Bambini, says "we actually product test on real kids in focus groups with parents to see what they say so we can get feedback from the parents for what is best for their kids."

Arm has a lot of products that come from Europe because they have higher safety standards on items such as toys and bottles. Arm says that means a lot of products that come from Europe are free from harsh chemicals. Natural rubber products like Sophie the Giraffe have become really popular. "The cool thing about Sophie is she exercises all five senses. She can absorb the mothers smell, she has a unique taste, she also has the white on black which exercises site and she also has a special little squeak which gives them a little sound. She's the only toy on earth that exercises all five senses," says Arm.

Organic snacks are becoming the craze for new moms looking for a healthy alternative for their kids. "When he was a year old, I had a lot of trouble finding nice, healthy organic, wheat free, vegan snacks for him to eat. Especially a lot of the children snacks were high in sugar." Grace Glenn Anthony is a personal chef and started Sweet Pea Organics. She makes protein bars and teething biscuits for kids and is developing a lactation bar for women who have trouble breastfeeding.

Ultimately, the goal is to find the products that are just right you and baby.