Bump Watch: Nervous? Go check out the birthing center

Bump Watch: Nervous? Go check out the birthing center

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- As you hit the home stretch of pregnancy, you may start to feel a little anxious for your new arrival.

To ease the anticipation, it may help to know where you and your will be when the time comes to head for the hospital.

Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend
offers tours of the labor and delivery unit.

Jessika Jensen and her family are waiting for their new bundle of joy. "I'm having a boy and its really exciting for us. My husband has three daughters so he's beside himself," she said. "My four year old is very excited to be having a little boy."

She's experiencing all the symptoms of the third trimester. "It's a waiting game, you can't breathe, you start the waddle which is kind of fun," she said.

They've come to RiverBend to show their daughter where her brother is going to be born. "I think knowing where you're going to go in the moment is so important. So just arriving and looking at the building. Where is the entrance? Where do I park the car? Where can I leave the car if I'm in a hurry," says Debbie Jensen. She's a lactation specialist and leads the tour for all expecting parents.

She takes families through the entire process from check in, to the laboring room and then ends in the mother and baby room. "Opportunity to ask questions. Put a name to a face. Have some phone numbers to ask questions that come up at 2:00 in the morning and knowing just a little bit of where you're going is reassuring and i think starts the experience on a positive note," says Jensen.

The rooms are equipped with everything you need to fit your personal birth plan. There's a Jacuzzi tub, television and a place for dad to sleep.

The tours at RiverBend are free and available for anyone who will be delivering at the hospital. You can find more information here.