Bump Watch: Craving a little? That's OK!

Bump Watch: Craving a little? That's OK!

LANE COUNTY, Ore.- Sweet, salty, savory.

Maybe it's french fries, ice cream or pickles.

Yes, we're talking pregnancy cravings.

A local dietitian says you should give in to those cravings. "The occasional craving and indulgence is normal and can still be part of that healthy food relationship," says Jamie Skiles with Cascade Health Solutions.

Skiles says eating habits do change during pregnancy as your body needs frequent meals and snacks in smaller portions.

It's important to still follow the same eating principles. That means, Skiles says, eating foods rich in vitamins such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. So, the 'eating for two' philosophy doesn't really apply.
There's so much to think about as you wait for your baby's arrival and cooking a healthy meal may be the last thing on your mind. "It’s like going to the grocery store but instead coming home with all your meals assembled," says Marilyn Helms, owner of Dinners Done Right.

Helms says her store is a one stop shop. You pick your meals for the month, visit the store in Springfield, assemble your meals and take them home to store in the freezer. "What we really want to do is get people back to the table because all the research shows that children who eat at home as a family, even as few as three times a week, do better in school, have less problems with drugs and even less teenage pregnancy or changes of the picking up smoking," adds Helms.
Dinners Done Right offers 12 different meals every month and all the ingredients are organized for you to drop in bags.

It's just one more way to help keep you and baby healthy.