Bump Watch: 'Being healthy and setting examples for their kids'

Bump Watch: 'Being healthy and setting examples for their kids'

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Adding a bundle of joy to your family dynamic can be overwhelming at first.

And as a mom, you may be wondering how you're going to have time to get back into the gym.

Fit4Mom is one way you can spend time with your little one and get a work out at the same time.

"It's a full-body workout for moms with kids in strollers," said Leslie Aschenbrenner, Fit 4 Mom instructor.

The program is geared toward keeping mama in shape while interacting with baby at the same time.
"This group of women, they are interested in being healthy and setting examples for their kids and that's a huge part of me and what I want to do for my daughter but it's so much more," said Andrea Stevens, a mom in the group. "It's friendships. We go out, we talk about real things, we talk about past careers. It's definitely lifelong friends."

The class meets several times a week in locations around Eugene.

When the weather is right, the gorup has class outside. Sometimes they take trips to Lone Pine Farms or have a coffee date after class.

"Not only building the fitness side of it but building strength in motherhood and helping moms grow with their relationships with other people," Aschenbrenner said.

Swim classes are another way to get kids engaged with their peers and learn safety techniques in the water.

"I think she's learning to trust herself in the water, and she's developing social skills as well as being around the other children," said Marcia Arndt, a grandmother.

River Road Parks and Recreation offers swim classes for kids of all ages. Little ones learn to blow bubbles, put their head under water and comfortable playing with toys with mom right there.

"When they're six months to a year, they're getting used to different things and the pool is a great place to come," said swim instructor Bonnie Thompson.

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