Bump Watch: Baby gadgets go high tech

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EUGENE, Ore. -- If it’s been a few years since you’ve had a child, you may be surprised at how technology has hit the baby market in full force.

Toys are now a learning tool, not just bright colors for baby to stare at. Some inform, some soothe.  

The Nogginstik is a popular toy among parents. It was invented to help children with a lazy eye problem. “Turns out children have to learn that developmental skill at a very young age to track with your eyes so that's why the Nogginstik changes colors,” says Judie Fletcher, owner of Fletcher’s for Children.

Another contraction that’s gaining popularity is the Shusher. The device mimics the long, rhythmic shush that is said to calm babies down.  “They say it’s the magic sleep inducer. But it engages that reflex to calm you down when you that long shush,” adds Fletcher.

If security is at the top of your priority list, then a new baby monitor made by Motorola may be a good choice. The monitor comes with a remote control camera and it allows mom and dad to see and hear baby. You can talk to them, play them music, it even has night vision for when the room is dark.

The Mamaroo is a new spin on the traditional swing. It was invented by four moms who realized you don’t just rock back and forth when holding a baby. “You bounce and then you go back and forth and you're always changing your movements. So they developed this to act like a parent rather than a swing,” says Fletcher.

Just a few new items to keep baby happy as they grow, develop and learn about the world.

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