'Savor every moment because it goes by way too fast'

'Savor every moment because it goes by way too fast' »Play Video

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Pregnancy is a very different experience for all women.

That means there's a lot of advice out there for new moms and often times you can learn some important tips from your girlfriends.

We went straight to the experts: moms themselves.
"Savor every moment because it goes by way too fast. So even after they're born just enjoy it and enjoy being a mommy. Enjoy staying home. You don't have to be super mom, you don't have to have the latest things and you don't have to be out there doing everything. Enjoy being home with baby," says Lindsay Ries.

Pam Olson adds, "the delivery was so much different than I thought it would be. I ended up having a c-section and I wasn't prepared for that at all."

"Be at a weight that you're content with right now before you get pregnant because a lot of times you can get very insecure because you just blow up unfortunately. So just establishing some healthy eating habits and an exercise routine so that you just still feel really good about yourself during your pregnancy and it's still enjoyable," says Tatum Beckett.

What about those things your doctor didn't mention? "Maybe that there is something you can do about the red stretch marks some creams or something like that to put on," says Olson.

"I also wish I would have a little more help prepping for breast feeding as well," says Beckett.

The one thing all moms can agree on, experiencing the miracle of birth is amazing and it's so rewarding watching your child grow.