Local 2nd UO board meet on handling sexual crimes: 'We need to get our campus leaders involved' 2nd UO board meet on handling sexual crimes: 'We need to get our campus leaders involved'
The University of Oregon’s President's Review Panel held its second session responding to a number of sexual assaults and rapes near campus on Tuesday, just three days after a woman was allegedly raped near Autzen Stadium.

The sessions ask for public input on how the university can better respond to and prevent sexual crimes on campus.
Local Injuries reported in multiple car crash on Eugene's Beltline Highway Injuries reported in multiple car crash on Eugene's Beltline Highway (Photo Gallery)
At least one person was hurt in a multiple car crash that blocked the eastbound lanes of Beltline Highway near the Northwest Expressway, Eugene Police officials said.

Emergency crews responded to the crash around 7:50 a.m. Tuesday.

By 8:40 a.m., the Oregon Department of Transportation reported minimal delays in the area.
National & World Goldfish surgery Goldfish surgery (Video)
George the goldfish lives to swim another day! The Australian goldfish was suffering from a giant tumor on his head. With the help of a skilled vet and lots of anesthetic-laced water, a prized pet keeps his place in the pond. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

Eugene Police: 12-year-old reports man tried to get her into his van near Monroe MS

A 12-year-old girl said a man tried to lure her into his van Thursday afternoon while she was walking along Coburg Road near Monroe Middle School, Eugene Police said.

The girl told a school resource officer that a man was standing outside his van with the sliding side door open near the shopping center at Coburg and Willakenzie Roads, asking several times to give her a ride. She denied the man's repeated requests, left the area, and walked home safely. 

The student described the man as possibly white, in his mid-to-late 30s, about 6-feet tall with a thin build. He had short hair, balding on top with facial stubble.

Anyone with information is asked to call 541-682-5111.

Northern Lights could make appearance this weekend

Northern Lights could make appearance this weekend
Northern Lights shine over Puget Sound. (Photo courtesy Eddie Murdock Photography

Not one, but two coronal mass ejections (CMEs -- fancy word for solar flares) have erupted and are speeding toward Earth, which will give us a chance to spot the Northern Lights on Friday and Saturday.

Officials said it's a near slam dunk for the higher latitudes, but Oregon has a chance to get a peek if the stars align.

Prep Athlete of the Week: Alycia Wodke

Prep Athlete of the Week: Alycia Wodke »Play Video

Alycia Wodke’s competitive talent came at a young age. When she was in the sixth grade she was already competing with on the eighth grade team. Now a senior in high school, Wodke is trying to lead her team to successful season.

Last season, the Willamette Wolverines Girl’s Volleyball team made it all the way to the 5A state title game, an unforgettable experience for Wodke.

"We finally made it to that spot, I mean first time ever at Willamette so I was super proud that we did that as a team together,” the Prep Athlete of the Week said. 

“The biggest thing I've tried to grow at is a leader. I think my freshman year I struggled trying to get people to play with me and you know I'm still working at that every day so I can make my team work together as a group so we can win together.”

Suspect in 2011 sexual abuse case from Springfield found in Texas

Jeffrey Randall Woods

The man at the center of a 2011 sex abuse investigation is in the Lane County Jail after he was found in Texas, Springfield Police detectives said.

Jeffrey Randall Woods is accused of sexually abusing two young girls in the Springfield area, Springfield PD Detective Lewis said.

Officials said Woods was booked into the Lane County Jail Thursday night where he faces four counts of first-degree sex abuse and seven counts of first-degree sodomy; both are felony crimes.

This is a developing story, watch your local TV News broadcast for more information.

Baby alligator thief caught on camera

Baby alligator thief caught on camera »Play Video
Caught on camera: an alligator thief! Not alligator-skin boots or purses, this accused crook was seen allegedly stealing "live" baby gators. Jasmine Huda has the story, and the video that shows the alleged crime.

Stolen Seahawk gnome comes home

Stolen Seahawk gnome comes home »Play Video
Who would steal a garden gnome and return it six months later? The die-hard Seahawks fans who lost their gnome are completely mystified by where it spent all that time. Mark Miller explains.

Obama orders response to "degrade and ultimately destroy" Sunni terrorist group ISIS

Obama orders response to "degrade and ultimately destroy" Sunni terrorist group ISIS

President Obama delivered a prime-time address to the nation Wednesday, outlining a strategy for taking on the Sunni militant group known as ISIS - or the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq.

The President said he aims to "degrade and ultimately destroy" ISIS, authorizing airstrikes in Syria and expanding strikes in Iraq.

In the address, Obama issued an order dispatching nearly 500 U.S. troops to Iraq to help the country’s security forces defend against the growing ISIS militant presence.

UO researchers: Wildfire employment helps build local economy

Wildfires can leave behind a charred landscape, however University of Oregon researchers find it also provides a building opportunity for local communities.

Cassandra Moseley, a spokesperson for the U of O’s Ecosystem Workforce Program, said research shows wildfires provide positive impacts to the local labor market.

“That can be people that run big pieces of equipment or fire crews who are supporting them providing food and lodging and other technical support for large fires,” said Moseley.